How Can I Track My Husband’s Phone Without Him Knowing and for Free?

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One’s marriage has to live on mutual understanding and respect on all fronts. However, the dynamics have changed over the last half-century, and certain aspects call for concern. Reports show that a concerning number of married men have had illicit affairs or at least considered it at some point in a union. 

While such statistics might be disturbing to some, it’s essential to focus on the single most significant enabler to secret relationships – the smartphone. It offers cheating partners a medium to interact with various people and hide them from their spouses. 

If you’ve got reasons to believe that your husband has been acting suspicious lately, all hope is not lost. It’s possible to know the situation and ensure he’s accountable to you in the marriage. Below, we’ll explain the various ways that you can monitor your husband’s phone activities without him knowing it. 

Why Would You Want to Track Your Husband’s Phone?

Given how much the world has changed in the last few decades, you might get concerned about your husband’s activities on his phone for genuine reasons. Below are some specific reasons why you might want to track his device:

Reason 1. To Guarantee His Safety

One excellent reason to track your husband’s phone is safety concerns. As his wife, it’s only natural that you’d like to know your husband is safe whenever he’s not around. 

Does your husband travel a lot? Does he come back from work late at night? You might want to track his device, as that would allow you to know his location in case of an emergency. Also, it’s best to be discreet about it since you only want to know he’s safe without coming off as intrusive.

 Reason 2. To Sidestep Misunderstandings

You’d like to avoid the many petty arguments with your husband, wouldn’t you? Tracking his device could save you stress in no time. It would help you know certain things before they become a point for an argument.

Also, you wouldn’t be bothered if he’s lying since you’ve gotten the truth by checking his phone activities. Was your husband out with the boys yesterday? It’s possible to check the authenticity of these claims before you both have a misunderstanding about it.

Reason 3. To Repair Trust Issues in the Marriage

While it might sound weird, it’s possible to repair trust issues in your marriage by tracking your husband’s phone. Ironically, the need to monitor your husband is because you don’t trust him enough. However, watching him could reinforce the trust that he’s not going out of line.

Tracking your husband’s phone lets you know who he’s calling or texting. When you’ve found that he’s been upright in his dealings, you’ll learn to trust him again.

Reason 4. To Know if He’s Got a Mistress

Is that late-night call from “Jeff from work” giving you a hunch that your husband has a mistress? There’s no civil way to tell. He’s probably going to lie about it when you openly confront him, so it’s best to track his phone to find things out yourself. 

Monitoring your husband’s phone enables you to know the person he’s been calling and the conversations they’ve been having. In a short while, you could find out everything about “Jeff.”

“Cheating is communication through action. Action is a more primitive way of communicating and, in the intricate world of human relationships, is an unwieldy, blunt instrument.”

Reason 5. To Gather Evidence

Marriages can hit an irreversible downward turn at some point. If you think yours is heading in a similar direction, it’s crucial to get pieces of evidence to protect you legally. Your husband could have cheated on you, and he’s likely not going to tell you about it openly. You’d have to find things out on your own.

Tracking his phone gives you the perfect opportunity to gather evidence of infidelity in such a situation. You’d have call logs, texts, and timestamps to prove beyond doubt that your husband cheated on you. 

Reason 6. To Disprove His Lies

Once you gain access to your husband’s phone, you can see all he does there. Thus, he won’t be able to lie or fool you easily. It’s a win if he knows you aren’t ignorant of his schemes and motives. 

“Why is it important?” You might ask. 

Cheaters are manipulators who shift the blame on their partners. If you think your husband is cheating on you, there’s a chance that he’d like to make a fool of you by keeping you in the dark with lies. 

Thankfully, your husband playing the “blame game” shouldn’t work once you infiltrate his phone and monitor his activities. You have the choice to play along with him, making him the bigger fool. When you feel the time’s right, you can confront him with foolproof evidence.

Reason 7. To Record His Calls 

It can be difficult to get evidence against a cheating husband, especially one who’s smart enough to clean the trails he leaves behind. 

However, tracking his phone allows you to stay ahead of the situation, as you can use the opportunity to record the phone calls he makes throughout the day.

Now, you have concrete evidence for future reference. Your husband might delete the logs on his phone, but you have them and can provide them upon request. 

Reason 8. To Check His Messages

Most times, text messages hold evidence of infidelity or shady practices. If you suspect your husband is doing any of that, tracking his phone can help you tell for sure. Beyond that, it helps you differentiate between messages from work and those that aren’t. 

If you’re concerned about the characters your husband texts, tracking his phone grants you 100% information access. Since tracking services like mSpy specialize in retrieving deleted text messages, it’s almost impossible for your husband to hide any inbox from you.

How to Track My Husband’s Cell Phone for Free?

Tracking your husband’s cell phone is a straightforward process. Thankfully, some services even allow you to do it for free. Below are some tracking methods you can try, regardless of what phone you wish to track. 

find my friends

Find My Friends (iOS)

The Find My Friends app is an excellent phone tracker service you can use on your husband’s cell phone. It works on iOS devices and is perfect if you both use one. To set up, go through these steps:

  1. Launch the Find My Friends app on your phone.
  2. Tap the “Add” button in the top-right corner of the next screen. Now, locate the contact you wish to add.
  3. Select the person’s phone number. The app automatically invites the person, asking them to share their location with you. 

You’d begin to get location updates on your husband once he accepts the invite. While you’ll see his location, he won’t see yours. 

You can use the “Share my location” within the app to share your location.

find my iphone

Find My iPhone (iOS)

Another iPhone tracking service you can use on your husband’s Phone is the Find My iPhone service. It’s also the perfect GPS tracker for cheaters using an iPhone. However, it requires you to turn on the service on your husband’s iPhone. To set up:

  1. Open the Settings app on your husband’s cell phone.
  2. Navigate to his name or display a picture and tap on the Find my menu.
  3. Turn on the “Find My iPhone” toggle. To track the phone when it’s offline, you could also turn on “Find My Network.”

Now, you can see where the device is in real-time. However, bear in mind that your husband can turn the service off if he knows about it, so you’d have to be as discreet as possible. 

NOTE: We recommend enabling the required settings on your husband’s phone when he’s not around. That way, he’s less likely to know the feature within his settings app.

Google Find My Device

Google Find My Device

If you’ve got an Android device, Google’s “Find My Device” add-on can help you to track your husband’s phone. It’s the best solution for folks wondering how to track someone on Google Maps without them knowing. 

To get started, you’d need your husband’s Gmail account details. When you’ve done that, follow these steps:

  1. Download the “Find My Device” app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Log in to your husband’s Gmail account in the app. It would show all the current devices that have his account logged in.
  3. Tap on the device you wish to track. 

You’ll see the phone’s location on a map in real-time afterward. However, this method has some limitations as your husband will receive a notification that someone gained access to his Gmail account. 

Therefore, it’s best to have physical access to his phone while setting up Google Find My Device to clear up all pieces of evidence. 

How to Track My Husband’s Phone Without Touching It?

You might have noticed that some of the methods mentioned above have one drawback. Using these hacks, you’d need to gain access to your husband’s phone for them to work correctly. While you might be cautious, getting caught is a recurring decimal. 

With this development, you’ve probably had queries like – how do I locate my husband’s phone remotely using just his phone number? 

Luckily, some services grant you the luxury to do that. These solutions are perfect for finding out how to track my husband’s phone without touching it. 

Here’s one alternative making waves in the industry: is a phone tracking service that allows users to track phone real-time locations using a cell phone number. 

It is a web-based service that doesn’t require you to access the target device physically, and you can remotely get the location data whenever you want. 

Furthermore, it’s a handy feature for when the device is lost or stolen. works with cellular networks globally. As a result, you don’t have to worry about ineffective “how to track my husband’s location for free” methods. 

You also don’t have to worry about compatibility, no matter the device your husband uses. 

How Works?

To use, follow these easy steps:

  1. Input your husband’s phone number in the text box.
  2. automatically curates a tracking link and sends it to your husband.
  3. Once your husband opens the text and taps on the link, you can track his phone number location. 

With, you can track a phone number’s location without worrying about network compatibility. This service works with all network providers, making it an efficient phone tracker.

How Much Does Cost? offers a 24-hour plan for $0.89 (one-time subscription). The subscription features global support, unlimited phone searches, and many more. Afterward, you get to pay $49.8 monthly. 

Overall, offers many functions for the asking price. Now, you can locate someone by phone number precisely without straining your finances.

How to Track My Husband’s Location for Free With a Spy App?

If you’ve been wondering – “how do I track my husband’s phone without him knowing? – a spy application might be suitable for you. It allows you to get all the communication and information data on your husband’s device. 

Several spyware applications exist on the Internet and can remotely deliver location information from your husband’s phone.

However, some of these apps don’t have the right quality. Thus, it’s imperative to go for an infallible option on the market. mSpy is one such spy application you can consider. 

mSpy has been in the spyware industry for a while, and it’s arguably one of the best spyware you can currently use to track a cheating spouse’s cell phone. Its extensive features allow you to trawl valuable data from your husband’s phone. Moreover, mSpy will enable you to be discreet, remotely getting your husband’s locations without him knowing. 

It collects all that data and sends it to a central dashboard accessible on any browser with a stable Internet connection.

mspy spy app

How to Install mSpy on iPhone?

Does your husband use an iPhone? You’d be happy to know that you can snugly install mSpy on it, even with the system restrictions. 

The following are the steps to installing the spyware application on an iPhone:

Step 1. Purchase a Subscription

You’d first have to buy a mSpy subscription to get started with the application. Luckily, the service has affordable packages. Select the subscription tier you want and fill out the detailed form afterward.

After you make payment, mSpy will send an installation guide to move to the next step.

Step 2. Installation and Setting Up

After subscription, you’d have to download the application correctly. Bear in mind that you’d need to jailbreak the iPhone to unlock mSpy full potential on the phone. When you’ve downloaded mSpy, follow the quick installation prompts as they show up.

Step 3. Start Monitoring

Upon successful installation, you can start tracking your husband’s iPhone location. All you’d need to do is log into your mSpy Control Panel, and you’ll start to see GPS location data from your husband’s phone in real-time.

How to Install mSpy on Android?

You can also install mSpy on an Android device. However, it’s got a slightly different installation step than other devices since Android handles installation access differently. 

The following are the steps you’d follow to complete a mSpy installation on an Android phone:

Step 1. Purchase a Subscription

Like on an iPhone, you’d need to purchase a mSpy subscription before you can use it. Subscribing shouldn’t be an issue since the pricing options are available on mSpy’s official website for convenience.

Fill out your details, select your pricing plan and make the payment. Now, you should receive an email indicating mSpy’s installation guide.

Step 2. Download and Installation

You’d need to download the mSpy app for Android. The application requires full root access on the Android device before adequately working. Thus, you must root the phone to complete the download. 

Upon successful download, follow the on-screen installation prompts to complete the entire process. 

Step 3. Start Monitoring 

You can begin to monitor your husband’s location after a successful installation. All you have to do is log into your mSpy dashboard. The application scours for the location data on the target device and displays it in real-time on your console. 

What Else Can You Track Using a Cheater Tracker App Like mSpy?

cheater tracker app

As you might have guessed, mSpy does a lot more than track location data. This spyware can track a broad range of data types on the target phone. Below are some of the other things you can follow on your husband’s cell phone with mSpy:

  • Read the text messages. mSpy can go through incoming and outgoing text messages on the target device. It includes the timestamps and deleted entries as well.
  • Check call history, caller details, and calls recorded. mSpy can access call data on your husband’s phone, accurately specifying calls (incoming & outgoing) and the contacts with whom he has them. The spyware also monitors recorded calls on the phone.
  • Read emails. The mSpy app can also infiltrate any email account logged in on your husband’s phone. That means the spyware can access the inbox and outbox folders, with the spam folders as well.
  • Check social media messengers. Thanks to its support for multiple social messenger applications, mSpy can view messages and multimedia files shared on third-party social media platforms on your husband’s device. Furthermore, it can retrieve previously deleted messages as well.
  • View photos and videos shared on the device. If your husband’s phone has a multimedia gallery, mSpy can conveniently monitor its content. It’s perfect for all the questionable content your husband might be hiding. The spyware would also call back deleted content, as long as your husband deleted them after you’ve installed mSpy.
  • Access contacts and calendars. Your husband’s contact list is also available for tracking with mSpy. You’d see calendar entries and appointments with the app as well.
  • Block specific websites or apps easily. Did you figure your husband spends too much time on a particular website or app? mSpy can automatically block access to those sites and apps remotely.
  • Access the Internet and web browsing history. You might want to check out what your husband browses on his phone. mSpy collates the web browsing history on the target device and sends it to your dashboard. 
  • Block the unwanted numbers. You can quickly block specific phone numbers from accessing your husband’s phone with mSpy. It automatically blocks all incoming and outgoing calls to the number.

Why Is mSpy the Best Option?

Understanding marriage can be a lifelong endeavor, and you might have challenges along the way. However, particular virtues have to be present in every relationship to keep existing, most notably trust and accountability. 

If you think your marriage has lost either of the two at some point, it could be futile to play the blame game. Sometimes, relationships experience downtimes. Your husband might no longer have conversations with you, or he no longer gets home at the regular time. 

Using a top-notch service like mSpy, you can monitor his movements. While most people might think that this doesn’t work, it can help keep your husband in check. Spying could also help fix that broken trust over time. 

With the numerous nifty add-ons on mSpy, spying on your husband and getting back in line is feasible. Albeit posing innumerable benefits, it’s up to you to see the ball rolling.

Final Thoughts

The summary is that while it can be unfortunate for you to resort to spying on your husband, it might be the way forward sometimes. However, if you’d like to go ahead and track your husband, ensure you go about it the right way.

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