Signs Someone Is Not Over Their Ex Are Easy to Spot: What to Look For

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Breaking up is never easy. And sometimes, even when you think the healing process has started, there can be signs someone is not over their ex. In fact, a recent survey showed that 10-20% of people still have lingering feelings for an ex-partner.

Who lies more in a relationship? It’s a controversial question. If you’re concerned your significant other might not be ready to move on from past relationships, it’s essential to recognize the signs they aren’t over their ex. This article will provide 13 telltale signs that someone has yet to close the chapter on their previous relationship entirely.

Dating Someone Not Over Their Ex: Why Do People Hold On Their Past?

Have you ever wondered why some people reveal signs someone is not over their ex? Some common reasons people have difficulty getting over an ex include:

  • Not fully processing their emotions: This could be due to not wanting to deal with the hurt and pain or because they don’t want to accept that the relationship is truly over.
  • Fear of being alone: People may cling to something familiar to avoid feeling lonely.
  • Intense emotional connection: Strong emotional bonds can make it difficult for a person to move on from a past relationship, especially if unresolved issues or intense feelings are involved.
  • Too much invested in the relationship: It can be hard to let go of something you have put a significant amount of energy into, and it could take time for someone to process that their efforts were not successful.

How to Know if Someone Still Loves Their Ex

How to know if someone still loves their ex? Checking if your partner is not over their ex can be tricky, especially when it’s hard to read their behaviors. Fortunately, a few methods can help you determine whether this is the case.

Use Spy App

Looking for a way to understand if someone is not over their past love? mSpy offers the perfect solution! This app gives users access to GPS tracking, text messages, and call logs, so you can gain insight into their behavior and detect any signs of lingering affection.

With mSpy, you no longer need to guess whether someone is truly ready for a new relationship—you can see for yourself. To do so:

  1. Create your mSpy account on their website
  2. Choose the model of the phone you want to track
  3. Install mSpy on the target device and follow further instructions
  4. Log into your mSpy profile and monitor the activity.

The app offers detailed information about their calls, messages, and social media accounts so you can quickly detect signs someone is not over their ex. With mSpy, it’s easy to see if someone is ready for a new relationship!

Reach Their Inner Circle of Friends

Reaching out to their inner circle of friends may provide you with the answers you’re looking for. If your partner has mutual friends with their ex, they could be able to shed some light on the situation.

  1. Ask your partner’s friends and family if they still hang out with their ex.
  2. Ask if they talk to their ex regularly or remain in contact through messages.
  3. If you can, get some background information on how the relationship ended. Was it a mutual breakup or did someone end it abruptly?

Pay Attention to Their Social Media Accounts

Social media is a great way to get insight into someone’s feelings about their ex.

  1. Look for signs of lingering feelings on social media, such as liking or commenting on their posts or photos.
  2. Check if they’re still following them and if they have a private chat with their ex that you can’t see.
  3. Notice if they still have pictures, posts or other content related to their ex all over their profile.

13 Signs Someone Misses Their Ex

how to know if someone still loves their ex

When starting a new relationship, it’s essential to be aware of the signs that someone is not over their ex. Even if they’re adamant, they have moved on, it can be difficult for some people to leave the past in the past. Here are 13 telltale signs that suggest somebody isn’t completely over their former flame:

They Still Talk About Their Ex

Trying to move on from your ex might mean cutting off all contact and avoiding any further conversations about them. However, sometimes it can be difficult to avoid mentioning them when these topics inevitably arise in conversations.

Whether it’s an innocent joke or an in-depth story, talking about an ex can be a telltale sign that someone isn’t over them yet. The alarm bells should ring if the person’s reports contain a lot of detail about their ex, as this indicates they may still be thinking about them.

They Still Have Photos of Their Ex

It’s totally understandable to want to remember past relationships, especially if you’ve shared many experiences. We store memories differently, from photographs to physical objects and mementos.

However, when someone is holding onto photos or keepsakes of their ex, this may indicate that they’re not completely over them and is still invested in the relationship. It could mean that some of them hope to revive and rekindle the romance.

Pro Tip: if you want to check the storage of their ex’s photos, mSpy allows you to access the target person’s phone, including their photos and videos. Remotely, secretly, and securely.

They Still Follow Their Ex’s Social Media

dating someone not over their ex

How to know if someone still loves their ex? Staying glued to their ex’s social media is a pretty sure sign someone has not yet moved on. Whether they’re checking up on what’s going on in their former partner’s life, or trying to be friends online, clinging to an unhealthy behavior means the emotional connection you share is still lingering.

Of course, one-time checking is normal, but when someone takes it to the next level – “liking” every post and comment – chances are they still have strong feelings for their ex. Who would want to stay that close to a person they’ve already broken up with?

They Linger at Places Associated With Their Ex

Many people find themselves returning to places associated with memories of their ex, even when they know they should move on. This could be intentional, or it may be completely unconscious.

Visiting these places is often a sign that a person has not fully processed any lingering emotions from the relationship and is still struggling to move forward. This kind of behavior can be especially damaging if it becomes a pattern.

Pro tip: Spy apps like mSpy track and store GPS locations of your target device with its advanced GPS tracker feature. This way you can easily see if someone is lingering in the places associated with their ex.

They’re Still Friends

Keeping a close connection with an ex-partner, even when happily in another relationship, can sometimes be interpreted as a sign that you’re dating someone not over their ex.

Events like mutual friend hangouts, exchanging words of encouragement of support, and going out for dinner together can all signal to others that a person has not completely moved on from their past love.

Remain Close With the Other Person’s Family

Remaining close with an ex’s family signifies that someone may not be completely over the past relationship. In many cases, simply changing contact information isn’t enough to fully break from the past when significant love and time were invested.

Even if interactions are on courteous terms, someone who holds onto too much of their former partner’s family may struggle to accept that the relationship is no longer truly together.

They Frequent Phone Calls

Have you ever noticed that people who aren’t quite over their ex-make frequent phone calls? The number of phone calls and the nature of the conversations can tell much about an individual’s feelings for their previous partner.

Long and personal discussions often indicate lingering feelings, even if the former partner initiated the contact. Making frequent phone calls could be one sign that someone is not over their ex. And even cheats on you with them – you can check it yourself with is she cheating quiz or am i paranoid.

Pro Tip: If your partner is unwilling to talk about the phone calls they’re making honestly, you can see the detailed report of their phone call logs with a reliable spy app like mSpy. This can help you understand if they’re frequently calling their ex or someone else.

They Play Blame Game

While it’s possible one partner was solely responsible, both people can contribute to why a relationship didn’t work out. One of the hallmark signs someone is not over their ex is if they frequently point the finger of blame at them.

Feeling like the victimized party allows hurt individuals remain stuck in the breakup drama, instead of taking responsibility for their own actions and learning from them going forward. 

They Compare Your Relationship

Comparing a current partner to an ex can make it difficult for them to move on. If someone consistently mentions how their ex did something better or differently, they’re likely still in love with them.

This could manifest through comparing your physical appearance or behaviors. They might even compare your relationship with their ex’s and make you feel you’re not measuring up.

They’re Not Honest About Their Feelings

It’s normal to experience grief and sadness when a relationship ends. But if they still have lingering feelings for an ex, they may be hesitant to open up. They might change the subject when their ex’s name comes up, or become distant when talking about it.

Also, if they’re not putting effort into your relationship and cannot express their emotions, it’s a sign that they might still be stuck in the past. You won’t spot this immediately, but if they seem to withhold emotion, they’re not ready for a new relationship.

They Overreact When Talking About Their Ex

How to know if someone still loves their ex? When someone is struggling to move on from a past relationship, they may react with intense emotion when the subject of their ex arises. They might get angry or tearful, seeming out of proportion with the conversation topic.

This could be because they’re still processing unresolved feelings and haven’t been able to let go yet. Watch for signs of overreaction when their ex comes up.

They Don’t Invest in the Relationship

Being in a relationship can take effort, and if your partner shows signs of not caring about investing in the relationship or putting in the work, it could indicate that they’re not emotionally available.

They may avoid difficult conversations, be uninterested in doing things together as a couple, or even cancel plans at the last minute. Perhaps they hope for reconciliation with their ex, and they’re unable to move on while holding onto that hope.

They Quickly Respond to Their Ex

quickly respond to their ex

If your partner quickly responds to their ex’s texts or calls, it could be a sign that they’re still invested in them. They might make excuses for why they need to answer the call; if this is something that regularly happens, it could be a red flag.

They may also use social media apps to check up on their ex’s life, such as scrolling through their photos or posts. They may be looking to see if they’ve moved on with someone else, which can lead to feelings of jealousy that they haven’t gotten over yet.


At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that signs someone is not over their ex don’t necessarily mean they’re still in love with them. It could indicate that they need more time and space to process what happened in their past relationship.

If your partner truly isn’t ready to move on yet and you have sneaky suspicions that they may still be hung up on their ex, the best thing you can do is to reach their friends or install an app on their phone to monitor their activity. That way, you’ll be sure whether they’re truly over their past relationship.


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