11 Facebook Messenger Spy Apps: Spying on Facebook Messages the Hassle-Free Way

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Text message monitoring
Call log tracking
Website monitoring and blocking
Automatic location notifications and geofencing settings
Social media account infiltration

SMS monitoring
Automatic notifications on predefined issues
Website history tracking
App usage monitoring
Third-party social media app surveillance like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc


According to Statista, Facebook had over 2.9 billion active users in the third quarter of 2021. That said, you can expect to see more people join in on the parade in 2022.

With Facebook Messenger being crucial in sending and receiving messages, sharing pictures, and participating in group discussions, this medium has become the go-to for messaging these days. 

While the benefits of Facebook Messenger are great, it has become a beehive of illegal activities like stalking innocent teens and kids. Cheating partners have the perfect cover to execute their illicit affairs using Facebook Messenger.

Therefore, it has become imperative for most people to learn how to spy on Facebook messages. Although numerous methods abound, spy apps lead the charge in getting this endeavor done with minimum fuss. 

Below, we’ll be looking at the top Facebook Messenger spy apps and what add-ons they bring to the fore. But first, let’s see why these offerings are helpful.

Why Are Facebook Messenger Spy Apps Useful?

Facebook Messenger spyware is crucial if you want to monitor a person’s activities without them being aware. With more and more people are adopting spy apps, let’s see why it’s useful:

  • For Parents

Facebook Messenger is a social media platform that effectively trumps the competition for texting friends and loved ones, sharing pictures and videos, establishing connections with new people, and fostering group discussions. While this might seem great, there are also rotten eggs in the mix looking to take advantage of your wards.

Worried parents who don’t want their kids to fall victim can use these spy apps to see who their kids are talking to at all times. With 24/7 monitoring on most spy applications, alerting the relevant entities immediately they notice something sinister is possible. 

  • For Employers

As an employer, you want to ensure that all hands are on deck during working hours. By achieving this, your start-up or established entity stands a chance of receiving positive profit margins – a win-win for all parties involved. 

Also, by integrating a Facebook Messenger spy app on company devices, you can track your employees’ texts and see if they’re exchanging trade secrets with the competition. By embracing spy apps as an employer of labor, you can run your firm as a “well-oiled” machine. 

  • For Those in Relationships

It takes two to tango, right? Unfortunately, not all relationships keep to this theme in the long run. Since cheating is prevalent these days, you might want to know if your partner’s recent behavior is from stress or something more profound – an illicit affair.

To see if your gut feeling is 100% correct, engaging a Messenger spy app to confirm if the rumors are true is a must. You can see their messages alongside shared images and videos with a sophisticated variation.

What’s more? Since cheating spouses can be crafty most times, they might delete conversations, so you don’t have a clue. However, these excerpts come to the fore with spy apps, giving you insight into their activities.

messenger spy app

While most people would’ve loved to monitor people on Facebook Messenger, the question – is spying on a person’s Messenger legal? – often brings about that air of doubt. Quickly, let’s give a suiting answer to this nagging query. 

Although installing a monitoring app on someone’s cell phone doesn’t bring about any legal repercussions in certain countries, this is a privacy violation in others (the US inclusive). So, if you have plans to install spy apps on your spouse’s device without their approval, getting caught would mean that you’ll face the full wrath of the law. 

On the flip side, spying on Messenger is legal if the device is yours. For instance, if your employees have company phones with spy apps, you’re free from any legal debacle. The same applies to monitoring your underage kids with spyware.

Now that you’ve gotten insights into the usefulness and legality of spy apps, it’s time to take a peek at the top alternatives available in the market.

How to Spy on Someone’s Messenger: 11 Best Facebook Messenger Spy Apps

If you make a Google query like – top spy apps in 2022 – you’ll come across many options. While this might seem significant, most of these apps are scam and phony offerings, looking to scam patrons of their hard-earned funds.

We don’t want this for you, and therefore, we decided to dig deep to discover the best alternatives that can take on Facebook Messenger spying like a champ.

facebook messenger spy mspy


mSpy takes the top spot due to its comprehensive parental add-ons. With Facebook Messenger being home to several illicit activities, mSpy grants you the luxury of reading the Facebook chats exchanged by your ward at any given time. 

With cyberbullies lurking around Messenger in search of easy prey, you can see the messages sent by the abuser. In fact, some mSpy reviews have given credit to the fact that this spy app helped them track their ward’s aggressor and report them to the relevant authorities. 

mSpy remains a top mention as it grants you the luxury to access Facebook chats, pictures, and videos from your home’s comfort. While mSpy ranks supreme for seamless Facebook spying, this app goes the extra mile to provide pinpoint GPS location solutions, access the user’s web browser footprint, and detailed insight into emails and texts they’ve sent, received, or deleted.

mSpy’s functionality is so impressive that it earns plaudits from patrons. Unlike some other spy apps that crash during crucial moments, you can trust mSpy as it executes spy-related activities with relative ease. That said, iOS devices might require a jailbreak to access certain functions.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, mSpy has decent subscription packages in the mix. With a yearly plan coming in at $139.92, mSpy is as cost-effective as it gets.


✅  24/7 customer support

✅  Affordable pricing

✅  Seamless installation process

✅  Intuitive Control Panel

✅  Pinpoint GPS tracking service


❌  You may be required to root or jailbreak to access some tracking features.

facebook messenger spy eyezy


Learning how to spy on Messenger conversations might come off as stale if you can’t make progress. To spy on someone’s Facebook Messenger stealthily without any hassles, it might be time to look towards eyeZy.

So, why does eyeZy earn a place on this listing? Its futuristic outlook. Despite its newness in the market, eyeZy is currently leading the charge as it presents more features to users.

Unlike some other offerings with regular tags on their add-ons, eyeZy makes theirs cooler with some exciting names in the mix. For context, monitoring social media platforms on eyeZy comes under “Social Spotlight.”

Using this add-on, you can see the Facebook chats on a target’s device without doing anything extra. You can also see those controversial images they sent. Since there’s a keylogger in the mix, noting their passcode as they sign in to Facebook Messenger is an increased possibility.

That said, would you like to see what someone’s doing in real-time? If you do, you’d be pleased to know that eyeZy has a “Screen Recorder” in the mix to see what they’re saying and sharing 24/7. 

With eyeZy, spreading your tentacles is a recurring theme. So, let’s say the Messenger conversation shifts to calls and texts; eyeZy also has you covered. You can see the timestamps on call logs and messages on your dashboard. eyeZy’s Social Spotlight truly brings everything to “light.”

Compatible across Android and iOS, you don’t have to spend a fortune to use eyeZy. With as low as $1 daily, you have access to every premium feature on eyeZy.


✅  Easy installation with Friendly Installer

✅  Compatible on Android and iOS devices

✅  Encompassing social media monitoring add-on

✅  Intuitive user interface

✅  Access to premium features for $1


❌  Subscription plans are hard to decipher on the site

facebook messenger spy flexispy


FlexiSPY is one of the best Facebook Messenger spy apps out there. Why? Unlike other offerings available, FlexiSPY goes over and beyond to field its services across mobile devices, tablets, and computers. 

So, if you’ve been looking for an all-rounder to get your spying prerequisites all sorted, FlexiSPY might just be the app to engage. Quickly, let’s see why it earns a place on this listing. 

Using FlexiSPY, you can access the chat of your ward, employee, or spouse on Facebook Messenger without them knowing. Since they might decide to get crafty and delete correspondence, FlexiSPY grants you the luxury of capturing their screen in real-time. 

This spy app sends the excerpts to your online portal to make things easy for you. Now, you can view every Facebook Messenger chat and see if it’s the right time to take action or not. 

Although most spy apps grant you access to Messenger call logs, FlexiSPY ensures that you’re the real “spy” as you can listen in on these conversations. Furthermore, there’s a keylogging feature available to see everything they’re typing, be it on Facebook Messenger or any other platform.

FlexiSPY acts as the perfect “Trojan Horse” if you want to spy stealthily. Using FlexiSPY Express, you can deliver phones with the FlexiSPY app to the target. While they think it’s another gift, the phone, once powered on, transmits information to your account instantly. 

FlexiSPY plans differ with OS. However, the packages for Android and iOS devices are constant, and users can enter LITE packages for $29.95 monthly.


✅  Numerous features available

✅  FlexiSPY Express to deliver phones with spy app installed

✅  Records VoIP calls

✅  Responsive customer support

✅  Mobile viewer app for 24/7 access


❌  EXTREME package is expensive

❌  Jailbreak and root required for iOS and Android devices

facebook messenger spy ikeymonitor


iKeyMonitor is a Facebook Messenger spy tool that has established a reputation for its features. Using this spy app, you have access to the Messenger chats of the target. Using iKeyMonitor, you can listen to sent and received voice calls using the built-in call recorder feature. 

With a keylogger feature, you can see what the target’s typing in real-time. If you’re an employer, this app is excellent in seeking out employees trading company secrets via Facebook and other social media channels.

Unlike spy apps that integrate “techy aspects” to their installation process, iKeyMonitor makes things easy. To commence proceedings with this spy app, all you have to do is create an account, select a subscription plan, and log in. Once you’ve installed the app on the target device, getting up to speed with what they’re doing on your dedicated panel is possible.  

With iKeyMonitor, you can “try before you buy.” So, if you’re on the lookout for a Facebook Messenger spy app without a target phone for free, iKeyMonitor offers a 3-day free trial. 

If you consider the spyware worthwhile, you can choose the monthly plan ($49.99) or the annual package ($299.99). 

In rare scenarios where you can’t use the iKeyMonitor app despite technical intervention within 30 days of purchasing the app, you’re eligible for a refund.


✅  24/7 live support

✅  30-day money-back guarantee

✅  3-day free trial

✅  Multilingual platform


❌  Jailbreak needed on iOS devices

facebook messenger spy app spyic


From its naming, you can decipher what Spyic aims to accomplish. If you want a spy app that goes the extra mile to ensure you get the best spy experience on the target’s Facebook Messenger, Spyic should be a go-to alternative.

Since Facebook has become the “hotspot” for illicit acts these days, you can monitor your wards, workers, or spouse without them having the slightest clue. While you have access to their private messages and group discussions, Spyic makes things more comprehensive. Using this app, you can access the profile pictures of persons conversing with the target. 

Although Spyic might come off as a great option to spy on someone’s Facebook Messenger, you can use this app to monitor activities on other major platforms, such as Instagram, Viber, and Twitter.

Once you’ve gone through the easy sign-up and install process, you can access an intuitive panel. Now, you have access to what the target is up to at all times. If you encounter some issues during usage, there’s a 24/7 customer support service available to deliver prompt and insightful replies.

Spyic is compatible with Android and iOS devices. With decent packages available, you can enjoy Spyic for 365 days for $119.99 ($9.99 monthly).


✅  Responsive and helpful customer support

✅  Available on iOS and Android

✅  Decent subscription packages

✅  60-day money-back guarantee

✅  Stealth mode renders it 100% undetectable


❌  Facebook monitoring doesn’t work on iOS devices

facebook messenger spy kidguard pro

KidsGuard Pro

With KidsGuard Pro in the mix, you have unimpeded access to your ward’s Facebook Messenger. Here, you can see who they’ve been having that late-night chats with and decipher whether or not they’re in harm’s way. 

Using this uniquely crafted spy app, accessing shared and received images is a recurring decimal. KidsGuard Pro also allows you to check the duration they’ve spent on Facebook Messenger and other major social media platforms. 

Facebook Messenger is a “beehive” of bullies and pedophiles despite its numerous benefits. Thus, you’d like a spy service that can stand “guard” 24/7. Thankfully, we’ve found one – KidsGuard Pro.

There’s a demo available to see how things pan out when you use KidsGuard Pro. With a knack for spying across Android and iOS devices, the subscription plans won’t mark an adverse change in your finances. If you intend to spy on Android devices, there’s a 1-year plan available for $99.84 ($8.32/month).


✅  Quick and easy installation

✅  Round-the-clock customer support

✅  100% encryption to guarantee data safety

✅  Real-time data syncing 

✅  Competitive pricing

✅  Multilingual customer support service


❌  It doesn’t offer a free trial

facebook messenger spy hoverwatch


Another Facebook Messenger spyware making waves in the market is Hoverwatch. Hoverwatch executes monitoring in 100% stealth mode. Thus, you can catch your partner red-handed if they’re having an illicit affair that sees Facebook Messenger rank as the preferred chat medium. 

While some spy offerings might offer a cluttered layout, Hoverwatch goes against the narrative with a perfect user interface devoid of glitches. Although you might get up to speed with its immaculate outlook from the site, installing it to commence spying endeavors acclimates you with a detailed Control Panel. Here, you can see chats on Facebook Messenger as it is on the target’s device.

With eyes like an eagle, you never miss sent or received messages on Facebook Messenger. This spy app still has a lot to offer as it integrates web history, media, and app monitoring. The app also uses the front camera to take photos of the target each time they unlock their phones.

Customer support is the bane of every business entity. From the looks of things, it seems like Hoverwatch has done its homework as the customer representatives on the ground are extremely helpful. You’re just a query away from getting detailed resolutions. 

Regardless of your preferences, you can access this spy app on Android, Windows, and Mac devices. Users can subscribe to these packages:

  • Personal ($24.95)
  • Professional ($49.95)
  • Business ($149.95)


✅  Intuitive user interface

✅  Decent subscription packages

✅  Track up to 25 devices with the “Business” plan

✅  Great customer support


❌  It doesn’t offer support for iOS devices

facebook messenger spy xnspy


XNSPY is so confident in what they bring to the fore. In fact, they’ve branded themselves as a spy app that fields cutting-edge mobile monitoring features backed by the best IT team. Do they live up to this claim? Let’s get some context.

With XNSPY, you have access to a high-end keylogger that grants you access to every message the target is about to send on Facebook Messenger. XNSPY makes sure that its clientele is in absolute control with remote commands. 

You can record surrounding sounds, block apps, and reset the target’s device by activating this add-on. If you’re looking for a spy app that doesn’t curate mottos to lure customers only, you might want to engage XNSPY for encompassing features.

Do you want to rekindle your love for mathematics and graphs? XNSPY has got you covered. Engaging the technical add-on “XNSPY analytics,” you have access to their web browsing routine. As an extra, you can see what numbers have called them the most. XNSPY adopts a “call time activity punch card” system to interpret call logs effectively.

Setting keyword alerts is feasible on XNSPY. So, once you select a keyword and the target uses the same while chatting on Facebook Messenger, you’ll receive an instant alert. 

XNSPY doesn’t feature any compatibility problems on Android and iOS devices. This spy app also features cost-effective plans:

  • Premium Edition ($35.99/month)
  • Basic Edition ($29.99/month)


✅  Responsive live chat support

✅  Budget-friendly subscription plans

✅  Accurate figures with XNSPY analytics

✅  Specific activity alerts

✅  Easy installation process


❌  Some features demand jailbreaking or rooting on Android and iOS devices, respectively

facebook messenger spy cocospy


According to reports, people spend over 2 hours a day on the social media platform – Facebook. While this channel fosters effective and accessible communication, it’s the hub of cybercriminals and other sinister characters. 

Thus, you’d like something that can track the affairs of your kids, partner, or employees to ensure they’re not doing anything out of the ordinary on the Messenger app.

A champion in this regard? Cocospy.

Cocospy earns several stripes for its encompassing digital surveillance service. Unlike some spy apps, spying on another device without error codes popping up now and then is an increased possibility when you use Cocospy. 

With Cocospy, you can sieve out the target’s chats on Facebook Messenger with relative ease. To meet your needs 100%, Cocospy steps up the ante by providing timestamps, contact details, and shared media. An “all in one” solution? It looks that way with Cocospy!

Spying is all about stealthiness, and Cocospy knows a thing or two about keeping secrets safe. Upon installation on the target device, they’re oblivious from start to finish.

Using Cocospy is seamless on Android and iOS. While you’ll only need iCloud credentials to spy effectively on iOS devices, physical installation is necessary on Android phones. 

Cocospy’s subscription packages vary across Android and iOS devices. However, you should be able to enter a monthly premium subscription for $9.99/month (Android) and $10.83 (iOS devices).


✅  Easy installation

✅  Pinpoint GPS monitoring

✅  Cost-effective pricing

✅  It doesn’t require root or jailbreak

✅  Intuitive and smooth operation


❌  Facebook spying isn’t available for iOS devices

facebook messenger spy spyera


Spyera joins the list of spy apps with bold claims. However, this time, it brands itself as the most powerful and undetectable monitoring software. 

While Spyera has an add-on that allows you to access the target’s call log, you can also listen in on their Facebook VoIP calls. So, if you’re an employer and a worker is spilling out company secrets, you can capture them with rock-solid evidence. 

Spyera also lets users activate the camera remotely to take photos of the target’s surroundings. This feature will come in handy if you’d like to see what’s happening at your ward’s location. 

While some people might opt to use the web-based version of Facebook Messenger, you can take note of their web browsing activities. Spyera also grants you the luxury of updating and deactivating its package on the target’s device.

Spyera is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. 

Although some features on Android require rooting, iOS users might be disappointed as they must jailbreak the target device to use premium Spyera features. With varying plans in the mix, you can enter the premium “Smartphone” package for $89/month.


✅  Silent sync feature with hidden logs

✅  Change settings remotely

✅  Instant alerts when the target enters specific keywords

✅  An extensive list of features


❌  Jailbreak needed to work on iOS devices

❌  Expensive subscription plans

facebook messenger spy highster mobile

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile thrives on simplicity. With this spy app, you can monitor the target’s Facebook Messenger app using any Internet-enabled device. If you’ve set your sights on Highster Mobile, you’re confident of getting a smooth sailing experience from the start (installation).

With Facebook Messenger and significant social media channels experiencing an upsurge in cyberbullying and obscene content, Highster Mobile acts as the perfect filter for your kids. 

Since these details will be displayed on your dedicated panel, accessing and grouping information from the target’s phone is seamless. 

While Highster Mobile doesn’t have an extensive resume like the competition, patrons access major features like GPS tracking and SMS & call monitoring. There’s also a stealth camera add-on that takes pictures from the target’s device without them knowing.

Available on Android and iOS devices, Highster Mobile offers the following packages:

  • Basic ($2.99/month)
  • Pro ($6.99/month)


✅  Easy set-up

✅  Decent pricing plans

✅  Available on Android and iOS devices

✅  14-day refund policy


❌  Fewer features than the competition

How to Spy on Facebook Messenger With mSpy?

You probably made this Google query – can you tell who someone is talking with on Messenger? – time and time again. Well, the good news is that you can. 
While there are so many apps available to spy on a person’s Facebook Messenger, let’s look at the set process on a revered form – mSpy.
To commence effective monitoring via mSpy, here are steps you have to follow:

Step 1. Create an Account on mSpy

Head to the mSpy website and click on “Try Now.” On the following page, input your email address and tap on the checkbox below. 
Now, hit the “Try Now” icon once more.

Step 2. Choose Device and Download mSpy

The next page is indicative of devices. While you can select either Android or iOS, there’s also a “Decide Later” alternative if you’re unsure. 
Once you’ve selected, the site automatically redirects to the checkout page.

Step 3. Choose Your Plan

You have to choose a subscription plan that suits your budget. The available packages are as follows:
Monthly: $48.99
3 Months (Quarterly): $27.99/month
12 Months (Yearly):
Under the plan, you’d like to activate, click on “Buy Now.” On the subsequent page, select a payment alternative to purchase the application.

Step 4. Start Monitoring Your Target’s Phone

Once your payment goes through, mSpy will send your logins via email. Using these values, it’s time to log into your mSpy account.
Now, select the device you’d like to monitor and install the mSpy app on the target’s cell phone. When you’ve gone through the installation hoops, it’s time to spy on their device remotely.
If you have any issues, mSpy has a 24/7 customer support service available to resolve them promptly.

Spy on Messenger Without Installing Software: How Can I Spy on Facebook Messenger for Free?

Most people type the – how can I spy on Facebook Messenger for free? – query into Google’s search box without getting definite answers. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the ways you can spy on someone’s Facebook Messenger without paying a dime in subscription plans. They are:

  • Password Saved in the Browser

If you’ve been searching for how to spy on someone’s Messenger for free, and you want the easiest way out, the password saved on a web browser method works the trick.

People accessing Facebook Messenger via the web have to input their passwords. Most web browsers can “autosave” passwords. 

So, if a target used their Facebook account on your phone and saved their passcode on your browser, you can log in to their Messenger anytime you want. 

  • Reset the Password

This method requires physical access to the target’s device. When you’re with the person’s smartphone, enter the Facebook app and click “Reset Password.” Facebook usually sends a code via SMS or email. 

You’re redirected to a screen to change the password when you input this OTP. Once you do, log that device back in, so the target doesn’t have a clue about what happened. Now, you can access their Facebook using your phone or PC.

This medium is excellent for spying on Messenger without installing software.

  • Phishing

Albeit technical, a great way to spy on someone’s Facebook Messenger for free online is through “phishing.” 

Here, you’ll have to secure the services of a revered site developer to create a Facebook Messenger clone and replace it with the original. When they use this app to log in to Facebook Messenger, you can see what they’re doing in real-time.

NOTE: This method is time-consuming, and if you don’t wield the required expertise, you’ll have to spend a fortune hiring a top-notch developer.

Final Thoughts

There are loads of Facebook Messenger spy apps on the Internet. However, not all of them are worthwhile. Going through numerous alternatives and incorporating several benchmarks, we’ve selected the top mediums vital in spying on Facebook Messenger with relative ease.

While mSpy remains our #1 pick, other options feature add-ons that aid remote monitoring. Nonetheless, you might want something different. Thus, it’s pertinent to go through the “Demo” versions of the spy apps above and see what layout tickles your fancy the most.

In this detailed guide, we’ve curated free methods to spy on Facebook Messenger if you don’t want to enter spy apps subscriptions. Although spying might be legal in some situations, see what local law states to avoid legal repercussions.

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