eyeZy Review: Is eyeZy the New App That Solves All Your Problems?

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Text message monitoring
Call log tracking
Website monitoring and blocking
Automatic location notifications and geofencing settings
Social media account infiltration

SMS monitoring
Automatic notifications on predefined issues
Website history tracking
App usage monitoring
Third-party social media app surveillance like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc


These days, finding a reliable spy app is like searching for a needle in a haystack. The spyware industry has reached a critical mass, with loads of new products introduced every day with unique offerings.

In this eyeZy​​ review, we’ll be looking at why this new app is making tremendous waves in the industry. eyeZy has managed to propel its way to the top in a relatively short amount of time, giving the other spy apps a good run for their money.

We’ll give you a full lowdown on what eyeZy is and what it offers for different types of users, from parents keeping tabs on kids to lovers probing their cheating partners and diligent employers monitoring employees.

Rest assured, this is a balanced review, and we’ll show you why you should opt for this app and why you shouldn’t. We’ll also give you a breakdown of the app’s pricing and show how eyeZy stacks up to other spy apps.

Let’s roll!

eyeZy App Review: How Does the App Work?

eyeZy is a next-gen spy app with an AI-powered algorithm that takes phone tracking a notch higher. The AI algorithm collects and processes phone data in an unusual way, providing highly sophisticated tracking capabilities.

But while the AI algorithm comes with mind-boggling complexity, the user interface makes for a seamless user experience, regardless of your tech background. The AI data compiles a vast range of data in easily-digestible reports accessible with a few clicks. The intuitive user interface is purposefully designed to enable you to navigate to any activity report without a fuss.

eyezy features

Here’s a breakdown of the features you can enjoy as an eyeZy user:

Keystroke Capture

An AI-powered feature that not only collects info on every key pressed on your target phone but also presents the keypresses in an analysis-friendly report. At a glance, you can easily tell what each and every keypress was meant for.

Social Spotlight

Get full coverage of all your target’s activities across every social media platform, including less-known ones. Social Spotlight is where you can find the activity reports for Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Skype, Kik, Instagram, and others.

The report for each platform contains all incoming and outgoing messages with time and date stamps and the identities of the correspondents, shared multimedia files, group messages, contact lists, group lists – just about any data pertaining to your target’s account on the platform.


eyeZy’s GPS tracker doesn’t just have a cool name, it’s also marked apart from other spy apps thanks to the AI capabilities. It tracks your targets to an inch of accuracy and pinpoints their location down to the street address. It can also use its Wi-Fi connections to reveal their location and why they’re possibly out there.

And with the Geofencing feature, you’ll know exactly when your target enters or leaves a set location.

Plans Breaker

This is where eyeZy’s AI capabilities shine through the most. A one-of-a-kind, the Plans Breaker weaves together info on a host of activities to draw well-informed conclusions about your target’s plans. It combines data from their social media, calendar, notes, events apps, GPS location, and other phone activities to predict their next course of action.

Files Finder

Here’s where you’ll find all your target’s local multimedia libraries. All their images, audio files, and videos will be neatly stacked in this section with the same file names and folders as your target’s phone.

Web Magnifier

Provides a complete lowdown on all their browsing activities. You can track every web page they open, their searches, and even the messages they share on online platforms. The browser report also comes with time and date stamps to help you make better sense of them.

Connection Blocker

Go from just tracking your targets to regulating what they do with their phones. With this feature, you can block their internet connection to stop them from certain online activities. You can also target specific activities and block certain apps, websites, content, or contacts on their phone.

Magic Alerts

Get notified whenever suspicious words come up in any of their phone activities, from texts to web searches.

Phone Analyzer

Another regular spy app feature with a catchy name and AI capabilities, the phone analyzer gives you access to your target’s calls. You can see every detail of every call sent or received on their phone, including time and date stamps, the duration of the call, and the identity of the caller/receiver.

Invisible Shield

Turn on eyeZy’s invisible shield to keep your tracking operations under the radar. Despite its mind-boggling complexity and AI capabilities, eyeZy is actually a lightweight app that can run with a negligible amount of storage space, battery power, and other phone resources. So, your target will be completely clueless while eyeZy is on a roll, copying down every single bit of data on the phone.

Friendly Installer

With eyeZy, you’ll have many installation options to choose from, depending on your unique needs. The Friendly Installer helps you quickly choose and execute an ideal installation option.

On Which Platforms Does the eyeZy App Work?

If you’re wondering if all these features can work on your target’s Android or iOS device, the answer is likely yes. eyeZy can work on Android phones with versions as old as 4 and on iOS devices with any iOS version.

Note, however, that it doesn’t work exactly the same across all devices. For instance, the non-rooting installation mode works only on more current versions of Android, and the non-jailbreak installation requires iOS 7 at the very least. You have to root or jailbreak the Android phone or iOS devices with older versions.

Also, certain features like the Social Spotlight require rooting or jailbreaking. Finally, you need to remove certain restrictions on the target phone to enable eyeZy to access important phone data.

Nonetheless, eyeZy is most likely looking to even things out across all devices in the near future, but for now, you just need to take note of these differences and find out what it offers for your target’s phone.

The compatibility info is available on the app’s official website, so make sure to check it out first to ensure that your target phone meets the installation requirements.

eyezy review

Advantages and Disadvantages of eyeZy 

There’s no such thing as a perfect spy app. Everybody has their unique phone tracking needs, but eyeZy is not for everyone. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of the app to help you determine if it’s the most suitable choice for you.


Seamless User Experience

eyeZy is a highly sophisticated app, but it’s also designed for people with zero technical experience. From the installation all through your usage, you won’t find any step that requires you to rack your brains or think too much. Everything can be done with the push of a few buttons, from setting up the app to accessing all the different activity reports.

Comprehensive Feature List

With eyeZy, you can rest assured you’ll find all the information you need about your target, no matter how secretive they may be. You’ll get one-click access to both basic tracking features and highly advanced features. The AI algorithm ensures you get a full picture of all your target’s activities, helping you connect the dots on their plans and activities.

Real-Time Updates

With most spy apps, the updates you get are already history by the time they turn up on your dashboard. eyeZy, however, gives you instant, real-time updates, informing you of every activity the moment it happens. The keyword alert notifies you the second your target or their contacts mention any suspicious word in their texts. You’ll also be notified instantly when your target enters or leaves a fixed location.

eyeZy even goes beyond real-time updates to predict future events, preparing you for events way before they happen.

Very Affordable

AI-powered tracking software with tons of basic and advanced features and a seamless user experience? What’s the catch? Well, you can get all of this for about $1 per day or even much less. eyeZy is one of the most affordable spy apps out there with a solid offering. It boasts one of the most competitive value-to-price ratios.


Buried Pricing Info

Whether by commission or omission, the app’s pricing isn’t readily available on eyeZy’s website. You’ll have to go through the sign-up process first before you can get to the pricing, unlike other apps that have a dedicated pricing page with a link on the homepage. And even the pricing shown in eyeZy’s signup process isn’t very detailed.

Pricey for Multiple Devices

Another reason why we’re wary of the lack of detailed pricing info on the app’s website is that you could get a sticker shocker down the line when you realize how costly it is to monitor multiple devices. eyeZy offers attractive prices for tracking a single device, but its pricing for multiple devices is on the high end. 

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Comparative eyeZy Reviews: What Advantages Does It Have Over Competitors?

Let’s take a closer look at how eyeZy compares to spy apps in general. The first striking difference is the extensive use of AI. This has helped significantly fine-tune the app’s operations, making it more resourceful.

eyeZy also makes installation and usage more simplified and intuitive with the Friendly Installer guide and a clean-cut user interface. The catchy names of the feature are complemented by exquisite graphics to elevate the user experience.

eyeZy also throws a whole lot into the feature mix, including basic and advanced tracking features and remote control tools.

All of this is accessible for just about a dollar a day – a heavily value-packed deal. Most apps that come this cheap don’t offer nearly this much – some may be even downright malicious, doing more harm than good.

It’s fair to say in this eyeZy app review that it’s up there among the best spy apps for everyday users. Most apps that come with similar capabilities are often miles ahead of eyeZy in terms of pricing. But you can just whip out your phone and send your AI-powered spyware to work every day for just about the price of your daily coffee.

The App’s Installation Requirements 

Let’s take a look at the installation process and how you can quickly get your spying campaign underway with eyeZy. There are three different installation modes, each suited for specific needs like the type of device targeted and the desired tracking features.

Local Sync Over Wi-Fi

With this mode, you need just quick-second access to your target’s phone to complete the setup. The rest happens over the air via their local Wi-Fi. You simply need to load a link on your target’s browser to activate the automatic installation process.

Once the app is set up, your device will automatically be synced with their phone via their Wi-Fi connection. Whenever they have an active Wi-Fi, you’ll automatically be placed in the loop of their activities. You won’t ever need access to their phone again.

The Jailbreak Method

The jailbreak method works just like the Wi-Fi method – simple and straightforward – but you’ll get wider access to the target’s device. Setting up the app on a jailbroken phone is a breezy process, and once completed, you’ll get instant, real-time access to every data on their phone. Plus, you’ll get updated whether or not they have a Wi-Fi connection or an active iCloud backup.

iCloud Sync

This option also allows for remote installation and monitoring. You’ll probably never have to pick up your child’s phone, but you’ll have access to all the info you need to monitor them effectively. Once your phone is synced with their iCloud and the iCloud backup is active, you’ll have your target’s phone data right up your screen the moment they’re uploaded to their iCloud.

Here’s all it takes:

Step 1. Install the eyeZy App From the App Store

Open the App Store on your child’s device, and then download and install eyeZy.

Step 2. Set Up the iCloud Sync

Enter your child’s iCloud account on your eyeZy user dashboard. If their iCloud has two-factor authentication, you can either turn it off or grab the authentication code from their phone.

Step 3. Keep Close Tabs on Your Kids

Once you’ve successfully entered their iCloud credentials on your eyeZy Control Panel, you’re in. Log into your dashboard regularly to keep close tabs on your kids and ensure they’re safe at all times.

eyezy price

eyeZy Pricing & Subscription Model

eyeZy offers many subscription plans for people with different budgets and monitoring needs. The monthly plan costs $47.99 and gives you a 1-month license to a complete list of features. The 3-month plan licenses you for longer and at a much lower rate. It costs $83.97, which breaks down to $27.99 per month, or roughly $1 per day.

If you want a much lengthier license, the 12-month package costs $119.88, which breaks down to just $9.99 per month, just a few cents per day.


Final Thoughts 

No doubt, eyeZy is making a strong statement as a new spy app – one that’s giving the competition a good run for their money. It’s put forward one of the best offers in the industry and has proven itself in a year or so that it’s existed.

With eyeZy, you’ll get high-power AI tracking capabilities that’ll help you make well-informed decisions about those around you. You’ll get all the info you want on your target, including deleted ones. And all of this is available for just under $1 per day.

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