10 Best Spy Apps for Android:  Software That 100% Works

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Text message monitoring
Call log tracking
Website monitoring and blocking
Automatic location notifications and geofencing settings
Social media account infiltration

SMS monitoring
Automatic notifications on predefined issues
Website history tracking
App usage monitoring
Third-party social media app surveillance like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc


Mobile technology development has taken giant strides over the last decade, and it will keep getting better in 2022. Albeit a positive, there are some negatives in the mix as well.

People have become exposed to more content on the Internet. As such, several antisocial activities are now commonplace. Cyberbullying, sexual assaults, and child abuse are now rife, thanks to how easy it is for anyone to own a smartphone.

What’s worse? Perpetrators of these vices can now hide their tracks more effectively than before. With Android, it’s difficult to get evidence of someone who might have questionable content on their phones. 

However, spyware provides a glimmer of hope to help tackle secrecy and promote accountability among phone users. Below are some of the best Android spy apps you can consider in 2022. They are handy if you wish to access someone’s phone without them knowing.

Can You Spy on an Android Phone Without Access to It for Free?

You might wonder how possible it is to view content on someone’s phone without their knowledge. That’s the entire premise of installing spyware. However, thanks to the advanced world in which we now live, it’s also feasible to spy on someone’s Android phone without touching it. 

Android is one of the major smartphone OS in operation today. Google owns the platform and includes some of its frameworks for the operating system to function seamlessly on most devices. As a result, most Android users need to input their Google account credentials on their phones. 

For those with the “can you spy on an Android phone without access to it for free?” query, it’s pertinent to note that you can use these details to access someone’s Android phone without establishing physical contact. The crucial part is getting information from the target. You might devise an intelligent means to get them to give you their Google account name and password. 

How to Spy on Android for Free?

Once you’ve got the target person’s Google account details, you can proceed to spy on their Android device. Below are some of the free methods you can try:

can you spy on an android phone without access to it for free

Method 1. Timeline By Google

Timeline by Google is an excellent service that allows you to spy on someone’s location from their Android device. It could give real-time location data and tell you where someone has been on the map over a certain period.

Important: Timeline by Google relies on the Internet to retrieve location information. Therefore, the target device must stay connected, with enabled location access in the settings. 

To do this effectively,  you’ll also need the target’s Google account credentials.

To get started:

  1. Open the Google Maps application in a web browser and type in the target’s Google credentials.
  2. Once logged in, navigate to the main map menu by selecting the three-dotted icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Select the “Your Timeline” option. It would show the target’s last visited places alongside their timelines. You can click through the entries to get specific details. 
how can i spy on an android without installing software on the target phone

Method 2. Android Device Manager 

Android Device Manager is another built-in service that lets you spy on someone for free. Unlike the previous method, you can use the Android Device Manager to control the target’s device. You could make the phone ring, wipe its data or see its last location from another device. 

Android Device Manager is available on all modern Android smartphones. Typically, the service would have the “Find My Device” label and doesn’t require many actions to work. Once you have access to the target device, you’d only have to ensure it regularly stays connected to the Internet. 

To use Android Device Manager to spy on someone, take the following steps:

  1. Open the browser on any available computer, and input the target’s Google details. 
  2. You’d see the device’s map location upon successful login. You can choose three options: ring, erase data, and lock the device.

What About the Websites That Claim to Spy on Android Without Installing Software?

Spyware development has also stepped up a notch, given how sophisticated the Android operating system has become. Nowadays, you can find applications and websites claiming to help you spy on a device without an extra software installation process. 

However, can they deliver the goods? Unfortunately, most of these claims are exaggerated and false. Why? Because while you can indeed access someone’s device without installing software, you might find limited information. You’d hardly get any other data beyond the primary device’s location. 

Any website that claims to give you more than that without installing software is probably a scam. Most times, these platforms could be preying on desperate users who make queries in these lines – how can I spy on an Android without installing software on the target phone?

Thus, it’s best to download spyware onto the target device. Spy apps offer a broader option range, and you can access the phone’s deeper directories. Specifically, spyware is entirely discreet and undetectable to all but the technical Android geeks around. However, if you look hard enough, you could also get a spy app for Android that’s undetectable and free as well.

NOTE: Bear in mind that installing spyware may come with extra charges. Most times, the best services require a subscription before using its full features. 

The Best Way to Spy on Android Is to Initiate an Android Spy App Remote Installation

We might have touched on how you have to install spyware on a device to get the most information out of it. However, you must know how using a spy app is the best way to go. 

For one thing, they’re easy to install. Since most spy apps work in 100% stealth mode, they disappear upon installation. You may even execute the remote installation for some spyware options. Such services allow you to spy on an Android phone without touching it.

Below are some of the areas and functions that a typical spy app can be helpful to you:

  • Location Tracking

Android spy apps can enable you to see detailed location data on the target phone. The data you get is in real-time and compared to web-based devices, you get it in a more organized fashion.

  • SMS Tracking 

An Android spy app is a perfect option to track SMS on a target device. Sometimes, an Android spy app remote installation grants you access to the target’s SMS directory. 

Now, you can view all incoming and outgoing texts on the Android device. Furthermore, you’d get to see the timestamps and sender/receiver details. 

  • Social Media Monitoring

Spy apps infiltrate third-party social media platforms installed on the target Android phone. It can trawl data from major applications like WhatsApp and Snapchat, allowing you to see chat and shared media. 

The spyware can also monitor social media contact information. Some spy app services even enable you to view deleted messages and multimedia files.

  • Email Monitoring

If you care about spying on someone’s email content, a spy app could do the job for you. Typically, any sophisticated spyware for Android could latch on to any email inbox logged into the target device. 

Thus, you get to see outgoing and incoming mails. Further, the application could retrieve attachments and files sent from the Android phone, complete with the receiver’s details. 

  • Internet History Monitoring

Do you need to know what someone’s been browsing on the Internet? A spy app gives you access to such information with minimum fuss. It can run through any mobile browser supported on Android and show you all active browsing sessions. 

Also, some premium spy applications could display the top websites visited on the phone and the timelines for each stint.

  • Calendar Tracking

Depending on the data level you wish to extract from a target device, a spy app can get you into someone’s online calendar service. 

You’d get to access the entries: individual and shared. Also, the spyware allows you to view calendar contacts and shared calendar systems if there are any.

android spy app remote installation

How to Choose the Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android Cell Phones?

​Since we’ve explained the functions you might get from a typical Android spy app, you might want to get online and grab a software copy for yourself. 

But not so fast! You must know how to make the right pick. There are various spy apps on the market, and many of them don’t live up to the expectations you have for them. 

Luckily, we’ve gone through a selection of significant spy apps and came up with a rating for the top hidden spy apps for Android you can get. We’ve chosen specific benchmarks for our ratings, giving the list more credibility. We base our arrangement of the best app to spy on Android on:

  • Compatibility

The spy app must be compatible with the Android OS before it features on our list. Bonus points go to spy app services that also have compatibility with other OSs.

  • Useful Features

We consider the number of practical spy features each application presents. The more function a spy app has, the higher it ranks on our list. 

  • Price

The best spy apps have to be relatively affordable for the features they offer. Also, we give preference to apps with a demo version or free trial for their subscriptions. This policy allows users to enjoy premium features without spending a dime for a limited time.

  • Stealth Mode

All spy apps need to be challenging to detect, but to what degree? We consider the best spyware based on how advanced its stealth mode can be. Our entries range from minimum stealth to technically undetectable.

  • Ease of Installation and Use

We also consider the installation process and ease of use. That’s why every spy app should feature an installation process devoid of technicalities.

  • Support

Aftermarket support is crucial to spy app usage, and that’s why we consider it when ranking the best Android spyware. 

Does the app have defined customer service support? What channels are available? Generally, spy apps with contact points that deliver prompt and detailed responses to queries rank higher on our list.

  • Refund Policy

We’d also consider the return policy on any spyware we review. While it might not be the most critical of benchmarks, a robust return policy counts towards an excellent reputation as far as spy apps go. 

Top 10 Best Spy Apps for Android Without Access to Target Phone

Below is our list of the best spy apps for Android without access to the target phone. You can install these apps right away. 

The following have gone through our comprehensive review and delivered some excellent functions as well.

mspy spyware for android


First on the list is mSpy, arguably the most famous spy application on the Internet. However, the popularity isn’t luck, as security experts gave it a stellar approval rating in the many tests. mSpy is more premium and comprehensive than most other spyware offerings online.

With the software, you can infiltrate every essential data on a target device: call logs, texts, social media chats, and GPS locations. The application also has extra nifty features like a keylogger that enables you to view every key pressed on the Android phone. 

Beyond all that, mSpy keeps adding new features to their suite, the latest being an intuitive screen recorder. This function allows the user to secretly take a video record of the target device and save it to a central dashboard.


mSpy has robust compatibility, as you might expect from premium spyware of its class. The application supports Android 4 and later. However, you’ll be required to root the target device if you want to monitor WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, Gmail. 

List of Features

Some of the features you can access on mSpy include:

  • Text message monitoring.
  • Call log tracking, complete with contact information and timestamps.
  • Website monitoring and blocking.
  • Automatic location notifications and geofencing settings.
  • Social media account infiltration.



✅ Offers an extensive list of spyware functions.

✅ Modern interface with intuitive buttons and controls.

✅  24/7 customer support in multiple languages.


❌ You’d have to root the Android device on which you’re installing mSpy.

eyezy spy app


eyeZy features on our list, thanks to its straightforward installation process and handy features. It’s also highly undetectable and features a tamper-proof architecture that ensures the target doesn’t delete the application even when they try.

One of the best spy apps for Android without access to the target phone, eyeZy works in 100% stealth mode. Also, it offers a limited demo option to give you enough incentive to use the software.


eyeZy is compatible with all modern Android devices, including Samsung, HTC, Huawei, etc. Also, work is in progress to support more operating systems. 

List of Features 

eyeZy has a slew of spy features you can use. Some of which are:

  • SMS monitoring, including sender and receiver information.
  • Automatic notifications on predefined issues.
  • Website history tracking.
  • App usage monitoring.
  • Third-party social media app surveillance like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, etc.


Each of the subscriptions supports only one device, and you can visit the official eyeZy website if you prefer a family plan. Furthermore, you get a demo version of the app to try out some of its features.


✅ Offers an extensive list of spyware functions.eyeZy offers some of the best Android support. 

✅ Offers an extensive list of spyware functions. The design and user interface means that the software requires little to no technical knowledge. 

✅ Offers an extensive list of spyware functions. Affordable subscription plans.


❌ You’d have to root the Android device on which you’re installing mSpy.You wouldn’t get a free trial period with eyeZy. 


Cocospy is a versatile spy application, mainly because it suits a broad range of use cases: parents can use it with their kids and employers with their workers. It’s also a great app to have if you’d like to catch a cheating partner. 

Generally, anyone who wants to know how to spy on an Android phone without having the phone could use Cocospy.

The app runs entirely in the background, leaving no traces for anyone to pick. You can also use Cocospy to control the target device remotely. 


Cocospy is compatible with Android phones whose versions are 4.0 or higher. Furthermore, you won’t have to root the target Android device.

List of Features 

Some of Cocospy’s main features include:

  • A dedicated keylogger function.
  • Automatic notifications when there’s a SIM change. 
  • Calendar monitoring.
  • Social media and chat conversations tracking.
  • Video preview to filter out suggestive and adult content.



✅ Cocospy has a 24/7 customer support line for new and existing users. 

✅ It has real-time location tracking.


❌ Cocospy wouldn’t work on some devices without rooting.

spyic spyware for android


Spyic is one of the few spy apps on the list that’s won many Internet security awards in the past. It works excellently on Android phones as well as PCs. 

Spyic is also one of the few apps that offer a comprehensive money-back guarantee and a demo version. Now, you can try out all its premium features for free.


Spyic is compatible with Android phones running on Android 4 or later.

List of Features

Below are the top things Spyic can do for you:

  • Access the camera and microphone on the target device.
  • Pinpoint GPS location tracking.
  • Viewing live chats in third-party messenger apps.
  • Accessing deleted multimedia files on the target device.
  • Tracking incoming and outgoing emails.



✅ Users can remotely uninstall Spyic. 

✅ The application can run in the background without a trace.

✅ It syncs automatically with a remote dashboard so that users can get new information on the target Android phone.


❌ Spyic’s architecture is outdated by modern spyware standards.

❌ It has expensive pricing plans.

flexispy spyware for android


FlexiSPY is one of the few spy apps that can match and surpass mSpy with its feature set. It currently has more than 30 unique spy features and comes in an affordable package. 

One of FlexiSPY’s unique features is that it offers users a custom smartphone that comes pre-installed with the entire spy function. If you purchase the device, you can monitor Android devices without physical access.


FlexiSPY is compatible with Android’s newer versions starting from 8.0. That’s not to say it won’t work on older models as well. However, you’d lose some of the premium features as a result. You’d also have to root the device, regardless of the Android version. 

List of Features

The following are the list of features you can get on FlexiSPY:

  • Automated notifications when the target device receives a call.
  • Call recording.
  • Remote camera and microphone access.
  • SIM-based location tracking.
  • Remote screenshots.



✅ FlexiSPY has the most available spy features on the market.

✅ It displays information in real-time.

✅ The application is undetectable after installation.


❌ The spy application’s pricing is too high.

facebook messenger spy hoverwatch


Hoverwatch is another excellent spy app, particularly suited to parental needs. Parents can use this spyware to keep tabs on their kids without coming off as intrusive. The best part is that it’s childproof and remains undetected to the kids. 

Furthermore, Hoverwatch offers a free sign-up feature to allow you to try out the features before setting out to pay for a subscription.


Hoverwatch has one of the broadest compatibility ranges on the list. It supports every Android version starting from 4.0 and Windows 9.2-10.1.

List of Features

Some of Hoverwatch’s main features include:

  • SMS recording.
  • Remote camera access.
  • Location tracking.
  • Third-party social media app monitoring.
  • Internet and browser monitoring.



✅ The spyware supports multiple device tracking from a single account.

✅ Adopts 100% stealth mode throughout its operations.

✅ Intuitive user interface.

✅ Available on significant OS forms.


❌ Manual information is cumbersome.

❌ It doesn’t field many premium features compared to other spy apps.

ikeymonitor spy app


We might have given you the impression that you need to pay for a subscription to get the best spy apps on the market. While that is mostly true, there are a few exceptions. iKeyMonitor proves that excellent spy features don’t always live behind a paywall.

The application is one of the best free spy apps you can get for an Android phone. It’s stealthy and can access sensitive data on the target device. 

However, iKeyMonitor is not as feature-packed as the other alternatives on this listing. Regardless, the spy app suits the situation where you need to monitor a phone in a pinch.


iKeyMonitor is compatible with almost all Android devices. You can use the software on Android 2.3 phones or higher.

List of Features

Some key iKeyMonitor features include:

  • Screenshot taking.
  • Remote app/game blocking.
  • Keystroke recording.
  • Call/text history tracking.


As we’ve previously mentioned, iKeyMonitor is free to use. However, it offers a Business plan with more features included.



✅ It is straightforward to use.

✅ The software doesn’t require rooting the target device.


❌ It drains the host phone’s battery significantly.

❌ It can’t track website history.



Qustodio is a family-centric spy app with a unique and colorful user interface. By purchasing this app, you can track down almost any Android phone that you want. It is one of the few spy apps that work superfast on all Android devices without rooting it first.

It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is a great opportunity to test it without any risk.

The app is super simple and easy to use, so it couldn’t be easier than this to monitor your children’s or employees’ activities.


Qustodio supports Android devices from Android 5 upwards. The app also is compatible with Windows, Kindle, and Chromebook.

List of Features

With Qustodio, you have access to these add-ons:

  • Time limits specifications.
  • Screen recorder feature.
  • Activity report generation.
  • Location tracking and SOS.
  • Games and app blocking.


Qustodio comes in three different packages to meet specific needs: Family and School versions.

Here’s the pricing for the Family package:


✅ Unique “Panic button” for instant location tracking.

✅ Curates monthly or weekly reports on the phone’s activities.

✅ Convenient and easy to use.


❌ The pricing plan is prohibitive compared to other spyware options.

❌ The user can’t monitor third-party apps beyond Facebook and YouTube.

xnspy spyware for android


XNSPY is a quick and stealthy spyware application that offers child safety and monitoring features. The features include monitoring calls, SMS, GPS location of the target device, accessing all social media accounts linked with that device, and tracking browsing history.

If you’re a parent, you’d appreciate the “TensorFlow Lite Deep” feature – an add-on that scans your ward’s phone for suspicious images and videos.

XNSPY is easy to install on any mobile device, and it works in stealth mode (that is, your target user won’t be able to detect its presence on their device). It comes with a demo version that you can use to test without purchasing a license key. It comes with a demo version that you can use to test without purchasing a license key.

​​XNSPY has been designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy for both novice and experienced users alike to install and manage the software.


When it comes to compatibility, XNSPY runs smoothly on Android devices running version 4 or higher. On the other hand, it isn’t compatible with tablets that run on Windows OS.

List of Features

Below are functions you’d find on XNSPY:

  • Daily reports and notifications.
  • Geofencing.
  • App blocking.
  • TensorFlow image detection.


XNSPY has the Basic and Premium Edition plans, offering monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscriptions.




✅ XNSPY uses an effective ticketing system for its customer service.

✅ It can work on multiple devices simultaneously.

✅ The app doesn’t require root to work.


❌ XNSPY doesn’t offer a free trial period.

mobistealth spy app


Mobistealth is another spy app you could consider in 2022. While it’s last on our list, it’s not the least, as it packs enough spy features to suit your needs. If you want to monitor your child or employee’s mobile devices covertly, this is a good app to consider.

With it, you can remotely monitor calls and texts sent and received by the target device, read emails, view photos taken on the phone, track the GPS location of the device, access social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

One unique feature that Mobistealth offers is its ability to shut down (and restart) a monitored device remotely from any web browser on the computer at any time set by yourself. You’ll have complete control if need be!


Mobistealth supports almost all Android smartphones. It would also work on PCs and macOS.

List of Features

Mobistealth’s main features include:

  • Keylogging
  • Call recording
  • Gmail logging
  • Location Tracking
  • Snapchat Monitoring


You can subscribe to the service on a one-month, two-month, or three-month basis as well.


✅ 15-day money-back guarantee.

✅ Subscription switching on multiple devices.

✅ The tracking function works globally.


❌ Mobistealth’s Android version has a steep price.

❌ The interface looks dated by modern spyware standards.


Final Thoughts

Spying on someone’s Android phone might seem unethical, but it might be a necessary action to curb social vices like infidelity or cyberbullying. However, if you must spy on someone’s device, it’s essential to do it the right way.

That’s why we’ve reviewed and highlighted 10 best spy apps for Android you can get. They all have the suitable functions to bring you essential information from any Android smartphone.

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